Explorations In Geoweb – The Important Relationship Between Geoweb and Open Data

The Geoweb (related to open data) depends on open data to remain functional and accurate. This relationship functions in reverse as well, in that the support, use, and maintenance of open data can depend on Geoweb applications. One of the factors that influence public support is the perception of use and accessibility of the data. Without public support, open data … Read More

Explorations in Geoweb – What is geoweb?

The geoweb (geospatial web) describes functions of the internet that make use of geographic metadata. It provides geographical context for analysis and synthesis of information that enables a wholesome and dynamic perspective with increased potential for innovative data uses (source). The geoweb opens up a completely new dimension of the Internet and the way we use information, it is part … Read More

Explorations in Geoweb – Why Social Media is a Good Resource for Municipal Governments

Social media is beginning to be an important tool for governments in interacting with citizens. Social media platforms, whether they be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn have closed the gap between people, allowing for more efficient spread of information and a sort of intensive networking never possible before. It is clear that instantaneous and interactive access to hundreds, thousands, and … Read More

Quebec Unveils New Open Data Portal

By Matthew Tenney The Quebec government, considered one of the most opaque in Canada, took a tentative first step toward transparency by unveiling a central website for provincial data. The new open data portal, at donnees.gouv.qc.ca, is the province‚Äôs first shot at open government, the idea that democracy is strengthened when administrations are transparent and actively court the participation of … Read More