Geoweb and Open Data in Canada: Mapping the Terrain

There is much hope expressed about the cultural, economic, political and social opportunities afforded by Geoweb and open data initiatives. Much of the fanfare focuses on how best to harness the power of information and communication technologies in order to beget the economic, political, and socio-cultural benefits that supposedly will follow. Such a view gives rise to two concerns. First, … Read More

Making Waves

Making Waves: Developing, Testing and Deploying a Smart Phone App to Share Examples of Good and Poor Water Conservation in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia by Prof. Jon Corbett Here at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus, we have just hired two students, Andrew Barton and Emily Millard, to work on the Geothink project. They are being co-financed by … Read More

PhD students at work in GeoThink – Harrison Smith

Read Harrison’s biography at I am a third year PhD student at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information ( My research is broadly oriented around geo-locative social media and consumer surveillance to theorize new practices of social sorting and digital discrimination within mobile and cartographic information infrastructures. My PhD thesis specifically researches geo-locative and mobile based dating services due … Read More

Accuracy, Authenticity and Technical Aspects of Privacy

At the Universities of Laval and Waterloo, we are interested in what is often seen as the “virtuous cycle” of citizens’ increasing use of open government data and, potentially, for governments to actively leverage information that the public creates. Our work centers on issues of accuracy, authenticity and privacy in citizen-generated spatial data and the changing relationships between governments and … Read More

Hopping the Geofence: A Quick Look at Geofencing Practices

By Matthew Tenney As we walk, drive, or skip down the road most of us are actively sharing bits of information about ourselves to anyone who cares to listen. The piece(s) of mobile technology we carry with us, nearly ever place we go, is being bombarded by a field of sensors that hear where and who we are.  Often these … Read More

Canada’s Open Government Licence V2.0 Is Released

    Written by Teresa Scassa Read more posts by Teresa @ With little fanfare, the Canadian government has released its much awaited, newly revised Open GovernmentLicence. The previous version that had been available on its Open Data site was a beta version on which public comments were invited. The government has also published its Open Government Licence Consultation Report, … Read More

Get to know Geothink

By Matthew Tenney We live in a hyperlocal world, using geospatial technologies in which we contribute, share, and visualize information about our location and activities. Using technologies like Google Maps and GPS-enabled cellphones, individuals tweet about potholes; their mobile apps deliver directions to the nearest coffee shop, whose reviews were contributed by individuals. Governments add to the geographic data stream … Read More

Geothink 'Meetup Montreal'

By Matthew Tenney The Geothink Canada “meetup” took place last night (26 June 2013) that started with an overview of the grant by Professor Stéphane Roche from the Université Laval. Participants of the meetup ranged from university professors and students to city officials and representatives from Open Street Map (OSM). With such a diverse group of attendents individual interests and … Read More

5 Reasons You Need The X Theme

X is not your grandmother’s WordPress theme, and we want to prove it to you. Here are the top 5 reasons you need to buy X today! Stacks, Stacks, & More Stacks Instead of being stuck with one design for your next project, X is a gift that keeps on giving. Built with our custom Stacks, X is the most … Read More

Standard Post With Shortcode Goodies

With several dozen of the best looking Shortcodes around, we wanted to give you a sample of the many high-end Shortcodes built into X. We’ve grouped some together so this isn’t a super long post, however for a complete list with demos and examples of each, be sure to head over to our Shortcodes page. Vivamus sagittis lacus vel augue … Read More

Standard Post With No Featured Image

Sometimes you just want to type. No messing with images. Here’s what a post would look like with no featured image. Sometimes you just want to type. No messing with images. Here’s what a post would look like with no featured image. Sometimes you just want to type. No messing with images. Here’s what a post would look like with no featured … Read More

Stack Exchange Kicks Off New Open Data Forum – Check It Out!!

By Matthew Tenney “Open Data Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for developers and researchers interested in open data. It’s 100% free, no registration required.”   For those of you familiar with Stack Exchange already it is a pleasant sight to find the new Open Data forum online. If you are just now becoming acquainted with the site, … Read More